OnOurTable 3.5.3 Template : Large Tray

Is it a tray or is it a board? Our personal favorite of the 2014 collection features a ½” lip around the perimeter that keeps your olives, gherkins and nuts in order (when your party gets out of order). Five contemporary forms milled out of edge grain walnut, the Template Trays truly display the warmth of walnut wood grain at its finest.

3 lbs
16.5 x 14 x 1 in
Walnut / Edge Grain

Product Care

Maintaining our smooth finish is easy. Clean with a damp cloth and soap. Do not immerse in water or place in a dishwasher. Occasional sanding (320 grain) will restore the original finish. Periodically apply mineral oil (available at drug stores) with a cloth in the direction of the grain, and allow it to soak in. After 10 minutes, remove surface oil with a dry cloth.

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