Calligaris Marocco Area Rug

The Marocco Rug is a Moroccan-inspired rug with a vintage look.
Jacquard-woven embossed rug with a rectangular shape made from mixed vintage-look fire-resistant yarns.

 echoes the geometric pattern of a ceramic mosaic in a Moroccan hammam. The blaze of geometric shapes and suggestive interplays of the multicoloured pattern results in the typical kaleidoscope effect.

Marocco can be placed in the living room at the foot of the sofa or of the dining table to bring a fragment of some distant, fabulous places to the centre of metropolitan living rooms.

Marocco belongs to CODE, the range of extraordinary, ironic and amazing accessories designed by young talents of the Italian design.

#7164 Materials and colour: Acrylic chenille, cotton and polyester in a mosaic pattern white/red/brown/orange/blue
118” x 79”
Designed by Matteo Cibic

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