Cheryl Ogasawara - Design Consultant

 Hailing from the West Coast, Cheryl brings with her an appreciation for the beauty of natural elements and spaces that are sculpted to not only reflect lifestyles, but to enhance them. Her focus is on creating spaces that are fresh, relaxed and elegant. Prior to joining Schreiter’s and studying Interior Decorating at Conestoga College, Cheryl practiced home staging and taught secondary school English and EAL. She has a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia.

 When tackling a project, where do you start?

“I usually like to start with figuring out the best possible layout and use for a space – a conducive furniture arrangement can transform the least used space into the hub of the home. There have never been as many furniture and finish options available to us as there are currently, whether the home is a studio apartment or an estate. Thinking outside of the box and ‘standard’ shapes and sizes allows me to help clients rethink spaces that aren’t currently working for them, and collaborate with them to realize the potential.”

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