The Beaver Lever Kindling Cutter

Cut your kindling when and where you want it.

The Beaver Lever eliminates the dangerous impact force created by swinging an axe. Used on the floor or other solid surface, the Beaver Lever is stable and wood can stay on or near the ground.

The Beaver Lever can stay by your fireplace. Cut a few pieces of kindling from the firewood that you have instead of searching for kindling elsewhere.

The Beaver Lever folds up neatly for storage and transportation. Tuck it away by your fireplace until you need it, or take it with you to the campground, trailer or cottage.

The Beaver Lever is not only a softwood kindling cutter, but it can also cut kindling from hardwood pieces, depending on your preference and the wood that is available to you!

The Beaver Lever Kindling Cutter is a safe, simple and effective way
to cut your kindling when and where you need it!

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