Tivoli Audio Songbook® 2nd Generation

The definitive portable iPod player, the iSongBook Portable iPod Music System includes innovations found nowhere else. The flip-down iPod dock on the side of the iSongBook just may be the hottest thing ever seen in an iPod accessory. It fits all dock-connector iPods, even the new Nano, and you can always switch to AM or FM when you want to go live. (Sound and Vision)

The iSongBook system features a detachable speaker for true stereo separation and easy portability. An AM/FM tuner includes five station presets. The alarm offers the choice of waking to your iPod, the radio, or a gentle tone. A credit card sized remote controls both the iSongBook system and most iPod functions. "Unless and until someone else comes up with something even better, we have no trouble deeming the iSongBook the king of the hill when it comes to high-quality compact iPod speaker systems." (iProng)

Enjoy the pleasures of an iPod player that only Tivoli Audio® can create. Available in High Gloss White/Silver or High Gloss Black/Silver.

An external FM antenna and external AC power supply are included. One year warranty.

iSongBook compatible with: 4-6 Generation iPod Classic, 1-2 Generation iPod mini, 1-5 Generation iPod Nano, 1-2 Generation iPod Touch, 1st Generation iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS - See more at: http://www.tivoliaudio.ca/isongbook-black-silver.html#sthash.UUits0A0.dpuf

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